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The Rookie League is a learning league for boys and girls finishing 1st and 2nd grade in school (7-8 years old).  If you have a kindergartener interested in playing please contact Jeremy Janzen at 218-851-0879.

All players will be placed on a team after evaluations.  Teams will be as equal as possible.



  • Emphasis is on learning the basics and getting everyone to hit and catch.
  • High emphasis on having fun.
  • Practice sportsmanship before, during and after the game. 


  • All kids must remain in the dugout during the game.
  • Make sure the on deck batter retrieves the bat.
  • Only one child is permitted to coach on the bases and must wear a helmet.
  • No misbehavior is allowed in the dugout, including climbing on the fences.
  • No throwing equipment.
  • No watches or jewelry are allowed unless a medical ID is needed.
  • Sliding will be allowed and proper technique should be practiced.
  • Catchers should wear a cup and also use a catcher's glove in lieu of their own. 


  1. Keep the Game Moving
    1. Encourage the batters to swing at pitches as most will be strikes.
    2. Make sure the catcher gets the equipment on quickly.
    3. Have the kids run on and off of the field.
    4. Strive to always play all six innings.
  2. Field Time 
    1. Both teams should use the pitching machine equally before the game.
    2. Both teams should use the infield and outfield equally.
    3. Teams should go into the dugout five minutes before the start time to wait for announcements.
  3. Ground Rules
    1. Balls that hit the pitching machine are considered a dead ball, re-pitch.
    2. Hold runners on all over throws - DO NOT advance.
    3. Once the ball is in the infield runners should stop advancing unless they are over half way to the next base.
  4. Hitting
    1. During the first inning all teams should bat around.  Example: one team has 12 players and one has 10.  Each team will bat 12 players.
    2. From the second to through the sixth inning, the 3 out rule applies or when a team bats around.
    3. The pitching coach will announce the last batter.  A put-out on a runner or touching home will end the inning.
    4. Turn your line up in to the announcers.
    5. The coach is allowed to stand behind home plate when their team is hitting, but only to retrieve errant balls.
  5. Fielding
    1. Once a player goes in for an inning, they must remain in, unless there is an injury.
    2. Players must play 4 innings defensively, try to play all equal time.
    3. You must rotate your players.  No player can play the same position more than 3 innings.
    4. The coach can stand in the outfield to help position the players.
  6. Pitching Machine
    1. Machine must be set at and remain at 45 mph for all sessions.
    2. Have a responsible coach or helper feed pitches.
  7. Out Calling
    1. The pitching coach makes all the calls at the bases and plate and they are final.
  8. Scoring
    1. The coaches will keep score and be the official score keepers. Please help the announcers out.
  9. Other
    1. No stealing or leading off is allowed.
    2. No inning can start after 6:40 pm.
    3. No food or drink is allowed in the dugout, except water or sports beverages.
    4. Clean the dugout after each game.
    5. All batting helmets and catchers equipment must remain at the field.
    6. You can start and finish a game with 7 players.
    7. Defensive players on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and shortstop must not be more than 3 feet in front on the baseline
    8. Outfielders must be at least 20 feet behind the baseline.   They cannot stand on the dirt and grass line.  
    9. Practice sportsmanship, fun and learning!
  10. End of Game
    1. Make sure the dugout is clean, including emptying the garbage out of the dugout.
    2. Rake and drag the bases, home plate and field.
    3. Put away the pitching machine.